The following rule amendment passed for the 2021 rodeo season:




The following rule amendments passed for the 2020 rodeo season:

Cowgirls Barrel Racing
Existing rule: “The manual times are to be averaged between the two timers and recorded in hundredths. “ INSERT ADDITION: “If the electronic timer fails to work on a run, the manual time will be announced as the unofficial time and contestant will be given an option of a rerun. The contestant must notify the arena secretary of decision to accept rerun immediately after the barrel racing event or the manual time (with “0” added to end of time in hundredths to make time be in thousandths) will be used as contestant’s official time in computing payoff against electronic times of all other contestants.” Existing rule: “If electronic timer fails three times during a performance or two times on the same contestant times will revert back to hand flagged times and rodeo will be paid as one go round with original stop watch times to be used on all contestants.”

Stock Contractors (Cowgirls Barrel Racing)
ADD: Stock contractor must provide responsible personnel to setup each barrel under the judges supervision.