The following rule amendments passed for the 2021 rodeo season:

Rodeo Entry - Event Limits & Positions #2 Change to: "A minimum of four contestants in bareback riding, saddle bronc riding and steer wrestling must be accepted before calling a performance full. A minimum of seven contestants in all other events must be accepted before calling the performance full."

SRA Finals Rodeo (SFR) - Qualifying & Entry #2 Change to: "Contestants must compete in an event at a minimum of three SRA first-sanctioned rodeos as an SRA member to be eligible to qualify for the SFR."

SRA Finals Rodeo (SFR) - Stock #2 Change to: "Stock Contractors with a minimum of three SRA first-sanctioned rodeos will be eligible to furnish rough stock that have a minimum of two outs at those rodeos for the SFR."

NOTICE OF EXTENDED 2020 SEASON (approved 6/17/20)

The circumstances surrounding Covid 19 and the resulting implications has caused a disruption to our normal rodeo schedule since March 2020 and much to our dismay continues to cause cancellations of rodeos.  Due to the unforeseen future regulations and cancellations, the SRA Board of Directors made the decision to combine the 2020 rodeo season with the 2021 rodeo season and forgo having the finals in November 2020 with guidelines as follows:

*Memberships purchased in 2020 will be valid through September 30, 2021.

*Points earned by members in both 2020 and 2021 rodeo seasons will count toward point standings for the 2021 finals rodeo.

*The SRA first-sanctioned rodeos that members compete in during 2020 will be included in the count to satisfy finals qualification for 2021.

*The SRA first-sanctioned rodeos that stock contractors have in 2020 will be included in the count to satisfy rough stock requirements for finals qualification  for 2021.

Please note that the board previously voted to raise the rodeo count for the 2021 rodeo season to three for both contestant and stock contractor qualification for finals. 

We appreciate your patience awaiting this decision.  It was a difficult call to make, but we made what we feel is the best decision for the sake of all members and in the best interest of the association.  We are very hopeful for better days ahead when the rodeo world resumes normal and consistent existence.